Coin&Fund is designed and implemented as educational tool which helps different users to understand how their decisions, as managers of virtual companies, have impact on overall company’s business through basic financial reports, i.e., chosen financial ratios.

The simulation is aimed to companies of all sizes and their stakeholders in order to solve particular problems and improve business processes in companies.

Casa Forte noticed that:

  1. within small and medium sized companies (SME) decision makers are not aware of influence of their decisions on business result, especially in terms of providing liquidity and profitability at the same time,
  2. in bigger companies, team members don’t show interest for activities of other organisational parts in order to achieve better result of organisational part where they work in.

The described problems are solved on the basis of better understanding connection between decisions, activities and the official or periodical financial reports. Financial indicators are visible on the screen, with the possibility that the user has a detailed insight at any time and monitors their dynamics by comparing the initial state with the indicators obtained after the decision. Decisions that every user can bring to their company are a key part of the simulation, and are related to: financial and physical assets. To make Coin&Fund adaptable to different situations, two different time flows in the simulation were implemented: real-time runs at real speed and accelerated.

Coin&Fund consists of 5 modules. These are: trade, financial reports, stock exchange, exchange office and bank. In each module, customer can see the company’s financial standing through ratios. It is important to stress that simulation results/outcomes depend on concrete choice of decision maker/s (other simulation solutions are based on predefined options). Furthermore, simulation represents functioning of the market, because demand and supply of Coin&Fund are determined by decisions of other players – virtual companies which are at the same time in the simulation (i.e. quantities of goods are limited). Finally, in the practice companies of all size can use Coin&Fund; especially it is convenient for entrepreneurs (competitive simulations are aimed to employees in big companies and banks).

Casa Forte offers renting the simulation on short-term period. You can try our current product by visiting