Casa Forte International

Casa Forte is a consulting company dedicated to SME development by providing services in the field of strategic management, structured sales management and business processes improvement.

Casa Forte was founded in 2012 year and Casa Forte was founded in 2012 year and d since then 2 permanent team members (Owner and one external associate) have been working on the continuous development of the company.

During the time, company business has taken on a wider scale, understanding the importance of digitalization and online business focused our work on the development of business simulation, connection of IT and business and we have expanded the team of associates so that the company’s service covers more clients “pain” – Finance, Legal, IT, Supply chain.

Company adopt new working methodology familiar with digitalization and IT business, so basic FOCA steps (F-act, O-pinion, C-hange, A-ction) accomplish with ASIS/TOBE methodology path.

Company has well cooperation with EBRD, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, EEN (European Enterprise Network) Development Agency of Serbia and the Fund for Development of Republic of Serbia, NAPA-National academy for public administration.

Company developed online education tools Coin&Fund. Coin&Fund is designed and implemented as educational tool which helps different users to understand how their decisions, as managers of virtual companies, have impact on overall company’s business through basic financial reports, i.e., chosen financial ratios.

The simulation is aimed to companies of all sizes and their stakeholders in order to solve particular problems and improve business processes in companies and it’s in use in teaching process of Singidunum University

Female entrepreneurship and other aspects of the corporative and social responsibility are topics of great significance for us. We have implemented several actions to collect donations to support the health care system of Serbia in order to overcome the disasters caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, 

Veljko Davidović is the owner, director and senior consultant Casa Forte company. He is an active consultant on a list of consultants European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the program ASB (Advice for Small Businesses) on the domestic market and the program IP (International project) in the international domain and he is engaged in advisory services and training in the field of strategic management, with a particular focus on commercial operations. Simultaneously with the development of his own company’s he was engaged in high managerial positions in large multinational companies. His last engagement was General Manage of company Nelt CO in a Sub-Saharan Africa, Mozambique, where he manage operations, develop business and increase sales for a company in a define region. He led organizational structure with 5 Expat and more than 100 employees of domestic origin more than 2 years. He is specialist for sales increasing and supports multimillion companies to optimize their sales results through decision making. He is very comfortable and strong dedicate to FMCG sector and distribution. Negotiations with multicultural interlocutors Indians, Pakistanis, Lebanese, and South Africans are invaluable experience; Models of top to top negotiation with Local Key Accounts, client facing role and models for successfully met to the challenge of growing business were the base for numerous very positive evaluated projects supported by EBRD programs, leaded by him. He’s aim is cooperation with company domestic and abroad, support their growth using confirmed, modern, digital approach and further learning about new business models. He is the author of several white papers which have been published on a scientific conferences and portals.

Biljana Lazarević is external associate Casa Forte ltd, driving force of the company, one of setter on and company promoter. She is Senior Consultant with CEO experience specialised in business process improvement. Work experience in the economy and the banking sector, in large multinational systems and companies that provide services to large systems, in domestic and international environment provide successfully completed numerous projects supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) programs. She is an active consultant on a list of consultants EBRD for the program ASB (Advice for Small Businesses) on the domestic market and the program IP (International project) in the international domain. Also, she is a certified NAPA (The National academy of Public administration) trainer for field of improvement process in public administration. 

In area of social responsibility Biljana works as mentor with students and she participate in program “Share your knowledge” EU Movement, OSCD, US embassy in Serbia. She is The first president of the section for Women’s Entrepreneurship in Serbian Chamber of Commerce. She is author and co-author white papers published in professional proceedings conferences and she published professional texts in the field of management, controlling, digital support to business on following portals.